My Favorite Things

(Things I have not destroyed)

  1. My human!!!
  2. Yellow squeaky ball!
  3. Brusca!
  4. Chicken!
  5. Sticks!
  6. Tennis balls!
  7. Tasty bone!
  8. Dog park!
  9. Peanut butter!
  10. Giant crazy purple ball!


  1. Hello Jake,
    My name Syd (full name = Sydney) and my human is Monica. I was reading her e-mails and responding with hateful messages to get back at her for leaving me at the boarding place for a whole week while she went camping. I also have been ordering cat toys (i.e., live mice and catnip by the bushload) and subscribing her to dozens of credit cards and magazines (i.e., Cat Fancy) to get back at her for bringing home a couple of small noisy humans that take my place in our bed. Anyway, I saw this blog and thought I’d respond. Normally I wouldn’t bother writing to a silly dog, but I’m quite bored. I was reading your list of favorite things and found myself shaking my head with dismay or confusion with some of your choices, with the exception of #4. I suggest you add the following to your list: mice, catnip, puking furballs on my human’s clean sheets, poopin’ behind storage boxes in the basement, sneaking under the fence in the backyard to meet up with my friends, and cuddling with my human. Try these out and get back to me.

    Meow meow,

  2. Hi Syd! You sound like a fun cat. I think I’d like to meet you. How fast can you run?

    I’ll have to try some of your suggestions, although what is a “mice”? Is that anything like a “chipmunk”? I like chipmunks. There’s a chipmunk hole down the block when we go for our walk. There hasn’t been an actual chipmunk there for weeks, but I check out the hole every time just in case.

  3. Hi Jake,
    I am glad to be on your list of favorite things. You are my best doggie buddy, along with my boyfriend, Simba. Together we are like Tigger and Eeyore – the best! My favorite things are watching for moles to come out of the ground and chasing chipmunks. I sometimes dig up the yard to find moles, but my human fills them in again. Oh, bother!

  4. Run? I prefer to saunter and strut, but I suppose I’ve been known to run when started by the antics of larger animals. For the purpose of our correspondence, I’ll overlook the fact that you’re one of them.

    Yes, a mouse is like a less skittery chipmunk. Are chipmunks yummy? I once left the head of a mouse on the floor in the doorway of Monica’s bedroom as a present. I ate the rest of it. She wasn’t as delighted as I thought she’d be when she stepped on the mushy head in her bare feet. Do you bring presents to your human?

  5. Are felines allowed to respond? My human (your “favorite” aunt ) was reading this and I love to sit on her lap when she’s at the puter. I saw the word Brusca and I shuddered!!!! That beast terrorizes me when he visits . Are you that obnoxious??? Personally I think all dogs are obnoxious but I was hoping you’d be different. Please say you’re more like my former tolerable canine room mate Saba. She didn’t chase me into the bedroom and stalk me for hours like that so called buddy on your list. Of course you realize that the feline population is vastly superior to the canine population. It’s best you accept that. Oh I see Syd is of the superior race. Way to go Monica. Good choice!


  6. Hi Brusca! Thank you for letting me play in your yard, and for keeping my big stick safe for me! I get so excited when we get in the car and my human says “We’re going to Brusca’s house!” I jump around from the back of the car to the front, because I can’t wait to play with you.

    Hi Syd! You sound like a fun cat, I think I’d like to meet you some day. I don’t know if chipmunks are yummy, because I haven’t caught one yet – they sure are fast. I do bring presents to my human! Usually a slimy rubber ball that I’ve been playing with. I use it to trade for treats. Sometimes I try to trade for the yummy stuff I smell on the dining room table – I put my ball up there, but I don’t get anything. I must not be doing it right.

    Hi Shadow! Pleased to meet you! You must have fun all the time, living with my favorite aunt. Brusca is a very good dog! I’m sure she just wanted to be your friend. I like to make new friends – when I see a cat, I stand very still and stare at it. Then I wag my tail and bark once, to say “Play with me!” Most cats don’t want to play with me, though. I don’t know why.

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