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Mama Down!

August 3, 2011

Uh oh, mama is down!  How it happened was, we were Outside watering the garden, and I was on my tie-out, and then I saw something that needed chasing!  Only, my tie-out rope wound around mama’s leg and she fell down!  Now she cannot walk so good.  I am sorry, mama!  So she called granpa, and he came and got me so I could run run run at Camp Freedom while mama recooperamated.  Granpa noticed that if he comes and gets me and brings me to Camp Freedom, I do not Worry, because it is like an Adventure!  He said we will need to remember that.  I am having vey much fun at Camp Freedom – granpa gets up early, so we would go out and sit on the deck and read the paper and drink coffees – well, granpa drinks coffees, I do not need coffees.  One morning, we saw a turkey!  I chased that turkey, oh boy!  I also helped granpa water the lawn, by checking the pressure of his water shooter.  I like to be at Camp Freedom, but I hope mama gets better soon!


Super Bonus Adventure

June 6, 2011

This morning mama said “no work today” even though she had already said that the past two days – oh boy, a Bonus Day!  We had a nice breakfast, and went for a walk, and then!  We went for a Ride!  Mama said we were going to see gramma, but we did not take the road to gramma’s house.  Where are we going, mama?  We finally stopped at a big building, and when we got out of the car, gramma was standing there!  Oh boy!  I was so excited to see her, I jumped up to say hi, even though she was wearing very nice clothes.  Then we went in the building, and there were two men who were Security, they had to check us in and give  mama a special tag to wear before we could go any further.  I think I would like to be Security!  Then we went into another part of the big building, and that was gramma’s Work!  There were other people there, too, and they all said hi and gave me treats while I checked things out.  Then!  I met a new best friend, she kept giving me treats while mama took pictures of me!  Huh.  I wonder what that was about.  But the treats were sure good!  I really like the new friends I made, and the treats they gave me!  And, I got to see where gramma Works!   

That was a super bonus day adventure!  Here are some of the pictures:


Birthday Number 5!

May 5, 2011

I’m five, I’m five! I’m a big boy now, I’m five! For my birthday, I got to go to Camp Freedom, and have chicka-brats with mama and gramma and granpa, and I got presents! And cake! Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I’m a very lucky dog!


Long Tall Chicken

May 1, 2011

Today at Camp Freedom I discovered a whole new kind of chicken! It was very tall, and walked very slow on long legs through the marsh. It was the biggest chicken I have ever seen! So I decided to chase him! He made a loud gurgly noise and then started to fly away, I almost caught him, but! I got into some deep mud. So I had to Abort, and he got away. Here he is:


Dog Day Afternoon

April 6, 2011

Today mama came home in the middle of the day like normal, only it was a little later than normal, and we went for a walk like normal, but then! She did not go back to work! That was very fun! She got out the fold-a-chairs for the patio, and we sat Outside! I like to be Outside, then I can sit in the sun and Watch everything. Only, mama did not play with me, she brought the compooter Outside and played with that. She said she was working, but Work means that she goes away, how could she Work and be at home at the same time? I guess that is OK, but I made sure that she took a fetch break. Then, a squirrel came around the corner of the house, I bet he did not expect me to be Outside in the middle of the afternoon! I barked at him, and he ran Away.

Of course there were only two fold-a-chairs, and mama sat in one and put her feet up on the other, but where am I supposed to sit? So I looked at her until she decided to move her feet so I could sit in one of the chairs. Much better!

Then! We went to the vet! I was a very Good Boy, I sat nicely in the front while we waited, even though there was another dog sitting there! He was a very small dog, though, so he was Threat Level Zero. Then the lady took me to a room in the back part, and they poked me, but still I was a Good Boy! So I got a treat. I like the vet! I jumped up on the counter, but mama said she would pay, and anyway she didn’t think the vet would take tennis balls.

A very fun afternoon!


Stick and Stuck

March 26, 2011

Today mama and I had a fun adventure at Camp Freedom! When we got there I looked and looked for gramma and granpa, but they were Gone. Huh. Then I did a perimeter check, and relocated some squirrels to Sector M. Then, we went walking in the marsh, and around the pond, that was very fun, I smelled many smells!

Then, mama and I picked up sticks! There were many sticks on the ground, we put them in a pile by the campfire spot. Because! Granpa said that when it gets warmer, we can have a stick fire and roast ma-hot-ma-dogs. I made sure that mama piled up many sticks, so we could roast many ma-hot-ma-dogs! I supervised mama, and if there were sticks with small pieces sticking out, I broke the small pieces off so they woud stack up nice. Also sometimes there was a really big stick, and mama stepped on it while I pulled on one end, and we broke it in half! We are a very good stick picking Team.

But then! We heard a noise from the screened in patio! It was a tiny chicken, he was stuck inside the screened in part and could not get out! Mama felt sorry for him, but she was also scared, because she does not like birds. I think she should not be scared, because I would not let any bird get mama! We needed to open the screen door so the bird could fly out, but we had to go from inside the house because there is a hook holding the screen door shut. So mama grabbed a broom to protect herself, and then we went through the house and out into the screened patio and then mama opened the door and then she stood out in the yard and waited for him to fly out. But he is pretty dumb! He could not find the open door, so I had to Help him. Mama did not let me jump up on the screen, but I herded the bird as he went back and forth, banging into the screen walls. One time, he was on the ground and I almost got him! But after a while, he found the open door and flew away. Goodbye, tiny chicken! You are not stuck anymore.


Living At Camp Freedom

January 26, 2011

The adventure started with mama putting clothes in a big box, I did not like that, it made me Worried. And, mama put some of my toys and foods into a bag. I was super worried then. Then gramma came to my house! We put the clothes box in gramma’s car, and the bag of toys and goods, and then we went to Camp Freedom to play, but then when it was Sleepytime we stayed there! And mama put on her sleeping clothes and we had sleep in a room at Camp Freedom, we have never done that before! I was not too sure about that at first, but then I decided it was OK because I could stand on the new bed and look right out a window. Then early early early in the morning we got up, and gramma and mama went away! Granpa was still there, and then later gramma came back, but! No mama! Huh.

I followed granpa around, and helped gramma, and then we had suppers and then sleepytime. I have had sleepovers with gramma and granpa at Camp Freedom before, it is fun, because granpa gets up very early in the morning to play with me. Many days went by, and still no mama! I think I live at Camp Freedom now. That is OK, I like to run run run without any leash, and there are many things for me to smell and chase. Also, granpa gives me i-c-e cream! Shhhhh, do not tell mama.

One day while I was there I saw the most exciting thing! It was a BIG animal, with sticks on his head! Wow! I think I would like to chase that! I jumped up and down and barked to let gramma and granpa know that it was out there. Granpa thought maybe I would have fun chasing it, but gramma thought maybe I would get Lost, so I stayed inside.

Then one day, granpa brought me back to my house. Granpa, do you live with me now? But! Then! Gramma’s car came to the driveway, and! Mama got out! Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I was so happy to see her, I could not wait at the top the stairs, I ran right down and jumped on her. Mama mama mama! I was a Good Boy for gramma and granpa at Camp Freedom, but I am very happy you are Home!