Mama Down!

August 3, 2011

Uh oh, mama is down!  How it happened was, we were Outside watering the garden, and I was on my tie-out, and then I saw something that needed chasing!  Only, my tie-out rope wound around mama’s leg and she fell down!  Now she cannot walk so good.  I am sorry, mama!  So she called granpa, and he came and got me so I could run run run at Camp Freedom while mama recooperamated.  Granpa noticed that if he comes and gets me and brings me to Camp Freedom, I do not Worry, because it is like an Adventure!  He said we will need to remember that.  I am having vey much fun at Camp Freedom – granpa gets up early, so we would go out and sit on the deck and read the paper and drink coffees – well, granpa drinks coffees, I do not need coffees.  One morning, we saw a turkey!  I chased that turkey, oh boy!  I also helped granpa water the lawn, by checking the pressure of his water shooter.  I like to be at Camp Freedom, but I hope mama gets better soon!


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