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Super Bonus Adventure

June 6, 2011

This morning mama said “no work today” even though she had already said that the past two days – oh boy, a Bonus Day!  We had a nice breakfast, and went for a walk, and then!  We went for a Ride!  Mama said we were going to see gramma, but we did not take the road to gramma’s house.  Where are we going, mama?  We finally stopped at a big building, and when we got out of the car, gramma was standing there!  Oh boy!  I was so excited to see her, I jumped up to say hi, even though she was wearing very nice clothes.  Then we went in the building, and there were two men who were Security, they had to check us in and give  mama a special tag to wear before we could go any further.  I think I would like to be Security!  Then we went into another part of the big building, and that was gramma’s Work!  There were other people there, too, and they all said hi and gave me treats while I checked things out.  Then!  I met a new best friend, she kept giving me treats while mama took pictures of me!  Huh.  I wonder what that was about.  But the treats were sure good!  I really like the new friends I made, and the treats they gave me!  And, I got to see where gramma Works!   

That was a super bonus day adventure!  Here are some of the pictures: