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Dog Day Afternoon

April 6, 2011

Today mama came home in the middle of the day like normal, only it was a little later than normal, and we went for a walk like normal, but then! She did not go back to work! That was very fun! She got out the fold-a-chairs for the patio, and we sat Outside! I like to be Outside, then I can sit in the sun and Watch everything. Only, mama did not play with me, she brought the compooter Outside and played with that. She said she was working, but Work means that she goes away, how could she Work and be at home at the same time? I guess that is OK, but I made sure that she took a fetch break. Then, a squirrel came around the corner of the house, I bet he did not expect me to be Outside in the middle of the afternoon! I barked at him, and he ran Away.

Of course there were only two fold-a-chairs, and mama sat in one and put her feet up on the other, but where am I supposed to sit? So I looked at her until she decided to move her feet so I could sit in one of the chairs. Much better!

Then! We went to the vet! I was a very Good Boy, I sat nicely in the front while we waited, even though there was another dog sitting there! He was a very small dog, though, so he was Threat Level Zero. Then the lady took me to a room in the back part, and they poked me, but still I was a Good Boy! So I got a treat. I like the vet! I jumped up on the counter, but mama said she would pay, and anyway she didn’t think the vet would take tennis balls.

A very fun afternoon!