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Stick and Stuck

March 26, 2011

Today mama and I had a fun adventure at Camp Freedom! When we got there I looked and looked for gramma and granpa, but they were Gone. Huh. Then I did a perimeter check, and relocated some squirrels to Sector M. Then, we went walking in the marsh, and around the pond, that was very fun, I smelled many smells!

Then, mama and I picked up sticks! There were many sticks on the ground, we put them in a pile by the campfire spot. Because! Granpa said that when it gets warmer, we can have a stick fire and roast ma-hot-ma-dogs. I made sure that mama piled up many sticks, so we could roast many ma-hot-ma-dogs! I supervised mama, and if there were sticks with small pieces sticking out, I broke the small pieces off so they woud stack up nice. Also sometimes there was a really big stick, and mama stepped on it while I pulled on one end, and we broke it in half! We are a very good stick picking Team.

But then! We heard a noise from the screened in patio! It was a tiny chicken, he was stuck inside the screened in part and could not get out! Mama felt sorry for him, but she was also scared, because she does not like birds. I think she should not be scared, because I would not let any bird get mama! We needed to open the screen door so the bird could fly out, but we had to go from inside the house because there is a hook holding the screen door shut. So mama grabbed a broom to protect herself, and then we went through the house and out into the screened patio and then mama opened the door and then she stood out in the yard and waited for him to fly out. But he is pretty dumb! He could not find the open door, so I had to Help him. Mama did not let me jump up on the screen, but I herded the bird as he went back and forth, banging into the screen walls. One time, he was on the ground and I almost got him! But after a while, he found the open door and flew away. Goodbye, tiny chicken! You are not stuck anymore.