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Living At Camp Freedom

January 26, 2011

The adventure started with mama putting clothes in a big box, I did not like that, it made me Worried. And, mama put some of my toys and foods into a bag. I was super worried then. Then gramma came to my house! We put the clothes box in gramma’s car, and the bag of toys and goods, and then we went to Camp Freedom to play, but then when it was Sleepytime we stayed there! And mama put on her sleeping clothes and we had sleep in a room at Camp Freedom, we have never done that before! I was not too sure about that at first, but then I decided it was OK because I could stand on the new bed and look right out a window. Then early early early in the morning we got up, and gramma and mama went away! Granpa was still there, and then later gramma came back, but! No mama! Huh.

I followed granpa around, and helped gramma, and then we had suppers and then sleepytime. I have had sleepovers with gramma and granpa at Camp Freedom before, it is fun, because granpa gets up very early in the morning to play with me. Many days went by, and still no mama! I think I live at Camp Freedom now. That is OK, I like to run run run without any leash, and there are many things for me to smell and chase. Also, granpa gives me i-c-e cream! Shhhhh, do not tell mama.

One day while I was there I saw the most exciting thing! It was a BIG animal, with sticks on his head! Wow! I think I would like to chase that! I jumped up and down and barked to let gramma and granpa know that it was out there. Granpa thought maybe I would have fun chasing it, but gramma thought maybe I would get Lost, so I stayed inside.

Then one day, granpa brought me back to my house. Granpa, do you live with me now? But! Then! Gramma’s car came to the driveway, and! Mama got out! Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I was so happy to see her, I could not wait at the top the stairs, I ran right down and jumped on her. Mama mama mama! I was a Good Boy for gramma and granpa at Camp Freedom, but I am very happy you are Home!



January 9, 2011

Mama has clothes all stacked up on the chair, and a big empty box with wheels sitting on the floor – I think she is planning something. I will Watch her to make sure she does not do anything sneaky, like go away and leave me.