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Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2010

Fun Overload

December 3, 2010

I got to have adventures with gramma today – yay! Mama brought me there in the morning, and I was Worried when she drove away, but then later, a big yellow machine stopped in front of Gramma’s house – not allowed! I told gramma about it, but Gramma said it was a skool bus and ok. But then, another big yellow machine came. So much excitement! Then another big machine parked in front – bad! Gramma said it was a snert and it would leave soon. But NO, now a MAN is walking in the yard pounding sticks in MY YARD. Gramma said it’s ok -the man is from the place that makes electric-ama-tee, but I will keep an eye on him! And then there were TURKEYS in the back yard – I told Gramma about those, too! This is way too much fun, now I need a rest!

Then the next day we went back to Camp Freedom, and I helped granpa hang giant tennis balls in the tree! One fell and almost got away from him, but I chased it and stopped it from getting away! Then granpa took something out of a box, and plugged in a noisy machine, and suddenly there was a Rocket Santa in the yard! Oh boy! I hope Rocket Santa brings me a present for Christmas!