Special Jobs

October 26, 2010

I have had many special jobs lately!  Yesterday, Mama brought me to Camp Freedom at lunch, and then my Special Job was to guard Camp Freedom until gramma and granpa got home!  So I guarded Camp Freedom from the big front window, where I can see everything!  Then granpa came home, and I followed him while he worked on his rocket machine, and then gramma came home and we had suppers, and then finally late late at night Mama came and we went Home.

Then today I had another Special Job!  Mama did not go to Work today, but!  Peoples came to the house!  Some of the peoples put new stuff to cover the steps by the Door, and other peoples connected new wires to the talking toy and the box that shows the pictures.  I had to supervise them all!  That was a lot of work, especially because it is normally my Nap Time! 

Special jobs are very fun, but now I am very tired!


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