Private Stick Factory

October 16, 2010

Today I had a very fun adventure!  We went for a ride, and went to the Store, and then went to visit gramma and granpa at Camp Freedom.  But then!  Granpa said he had a surprise for me!  He talked to one of his rocket man friends, and granpa’s friend said that I could go run in his private stick factory!  So mama and granpa got into mama’s wagon, and I had to sit in the back, and I was corn-fused because granpa was driving the wagon.  But then!  We went for just a short ride, and then we were at the private stick factory!  Oh boy oh boy oh boy!  I have been to stick factories before, and I like them very much, but I have to Behave, and stay on the Trail, and be on a leash.  But at the private stick factory, I can be Free!  And!  I can go off the Trail and through the trees if I want!  And!  There were squirrels!  And turkeys!  And all the smells, smells, smells!  Oh boy!  The private stick factory is a very fun place to be!  Thank you, granpa!  Thank you, granpa’s rocket man friend!


  1. hey jake
    glad you think the stick factory is cool. granpa will have come with you and we can do some hunting. maybe we can get supper for ourselves or the brickman neighbor.

  2. I would like to go hunting with you, granpa! I try to chase the squirrels and evil chickens, but they go up in the trees where I cannot get them. But you could get them!

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