Mama Down!

September 28, 2010

It started like a normal Play Day, mama pushed the boogie machine around, and then we went to the groshamee store, but then after Lunch mama decided to take a nap. She seemed very tired! And she kept on napping, all afternoon! With the sun shining bright in the sky! Mama, why are you napping? We went Oustide in the yard, but then she lay right back down again! I decided maybe she was Not Well – when I am Not Well I like to lie still and quiet, and that is what she was doing.

The next day was sunshine again, but still mama was lying down! That is not Normal! I dropped a tennis ball on her head, to make sure she was still Alive. She reached up and moved the tennis ball, but she did not play with me. So I decided that she was really Not Well, so I needed to Guard her – so I curled up by her legs.

The next day she got up and went to Work, but then she came home again right away, and she layed down again! This is not good! Will I ever get to go on a walk again? But finally she got Up, and started to play with me. Today she went to Work, and came home at lunch like Normal, and took me for a Walk like normal! Yay! I like having mama home with me, but I like it better if she plays with me!


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