Special Assignment

September 24, 2010

This week I had a Special Assignment!  Mama went to Work like normal, but then, when she came home in the middle of the day, she took me to Camp Freedom!  Oh boy!  Camp Freedom in the middle of a Work day!  And when we got there, granpa was there!  I was so excited!  Except…wait…she was putting clothes into a bag last night, and putting my foods and toys into a bag.  I am not so sure about this. 

Then mama went away!  And granpa went away too!  I waited and waited, and finally granpa came home, and then gramma came home!  I was happy to see them, but!  Where is mama?  I watched the dancing peoples on the TV with gramma while granpa went for a ride on his rocket machine.  Still no mama!  But I got to sleep at Camp Freedom, that is very fun, because!  Granpa gets up very early, so I can start to play right away in the morning!  Then when he went to Work, I snuck out QUICK and tried to go too. I can work! Then I jumped on the front porch chair – maybe Grampa would stay home with me! But, no! And Gramma left, too, so I went back to sleep.

The next day mama was still not there, but it was OK, because I like being at Camp Freedom. Only, I need to Follow someone all the time, normally I Follow mama, but since she was gone I decided to Follow granpa. I decided this must be a Special Assignment, to guard Camp Freedom! I can do that! So I guarded Camp Freedom, and guarded gramma and granpa! I like to guard things, it is my Job, and it makes me happy.

And then! I was sitting on the front porch with granpa, and mama’s car came, and mama got out! Oh boy! I was so excited to see her I jumped on her TEN times! (Granpa counted.) I like Camp Freedom very much, but! I like to be at home with mama, too. That is the Best.


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