September 4, 2010

I chased many things today! First, there was a squirrel in the back yard! Mama let me out so I could chase him, and I did! I chased him not just to the first tree, or the second tree, but all the way to the third tree! The squirrel went up in the tree so I could not get him, but I peed on the tree to let him know that I was there.

Then! We went for a Long Walk, and there were honker chickens at the secret pond! Mama let me off my leash, and I chased those honker chickens, I chased them right into the pond! That was very fun, and I got wet, so I could cool off.

And then! As we were walking back home, there was a tiny brown chicken on the sidewalk! Normally I cannot catch the tiny brown chickens because they fly away. But this one could not fly away for some reason, he could only hop. I was very excited, because maybe this time I would finally catch one! But mama held me back. Why? I know that she does not like chickens when they fly at her, so if I caught one it would be a good thing! But maybe she felt sorry for the tiny brown chicken because he was hurt. So I did not chase him, I just watched as he hopped away.


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