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September 30, 2010

Today when mama and I went for a walk, I saw something on the ground! I started to sniff it, and at first mama thought it was just a stick, but it was a squirrel! The squirrel was not moving at all, he was Flat! Mama thought I might try to eat it, but I did not – I like to chase squirrels! This squirrel clearly was not going to run anywhere. He was Unchasable. So I sniffed him some more, and then kept on walking.


Mama Down!

September 28, 2010

It started like a normal Play Day, mama pushed the boogie machine around, and then we went to the groshamee store, but then after Lunch mama decided to take a nap. She seemed very tired! And she kept on napping, all afternoon! With the sun shining bright in the sky! Mama, why are you napping? We went Oustide in the yard, but then she lay right back down again! I decided maybe she was Not Well – when I am Not Well I like to lie still and quiet, and that is what she was doing.

The next day was sunshine again, but still mama was lying down! That is not Normal! I dropped a tennis ball on her head, to make sure she was still Alive. She reached up and moved the tennis ball, but she did not play with me. So I decided that she was really Not Well, so I needed to Guard her – so I curled up by her legs.

The next day she got up and went to Work, but then she came home again right away, and she layed down again! This is not good! Will I ever get to go on a walk again? But finally she got Up, and started to play with me. Today she went to Work, and came home at lunch like Normal, and took me for a Walk like normal! Yay! I like having mama home with me, but I like it better if she plays with me!


Special Assignment

September 24, 2010

This week I had a Special Assignment!  Mama went to Work like normal, but then, when she came home in the middle of the day, she took me to Camp Freedom!  Oh boy!  Camp Freedom in the middle of a Work day!  And when we got there, granpa was there!  I was so excited!  Except…wait…she was putting clothes into a bag last night, and putting my foods and toys into a bag.  I am not so sure about this. 

Then mama went away!  And granpa went away too!  I waited and waited, and finally granpa came home, and then gramma came home!  I was happy to see them, but!  Where is mama?  I watched the dancing peoples on the TV with gramma while granpa went for a ride on his rocket machine.  Still no mama!  But I got to sleep at Camp Freedom, that is very fun, because!  Granpa gets up very early, so I can start to play right away in the morning!  Then when he went to Work, I snuck out QUICK and tried to go too. I can work! Then I jumped on the front porch chair – maybe Grampa would stay home with me! But, no! And Gramma left, too, so I went back to sleep.

The next day mama was still not there, but it was OK, because I like being at Camp Freedom. Only, I need to Follow someone all the time, normally I Follow mama, but since she was gone I decided to Follow granpa. I decided this must be a Special Assignment, to guard Camp Freedom! I can do that! So I guarded Camp Freedom, and guarded gramma and granpa! I like to guard things, it is my Job, and it makes me happy.

And then! I was sitting on the front porch with granpa, and mama’s car came, and mama got out! Oh boy! I was so excited to see her I jumped on her TEN times! (Granpa counted.) I like Camp Freedom very much, but! I like to be at home with mama, too. That is the Best.


In Which Jake Learns How To Dive Off A Pier

September 12, 2010

On one of the days during our Day Camping Adventure, we went to a lake where I could swim!  I know how to swim, because I have done that before, but this time there was something different!  There was a long table thing that stuck out into the water!  Mama and I walked to the end of it, and then she threw my ball into the water!  Mama!  How I am supposed to get it from here?


Jake-ation Diary

September 12, 2010

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Mama was home with me for nine whole days! That is almost more than I can count! Sometimes humans do not go to work, but they do not go on a trip, and they call it a “staycation”. Mama did not go to work, and she did not go on a trip, she stayed home to play with me! That is a Jake-ation! I like that very much. Here is what we did!

Day One: This started out like any normal No Work day, mama picked things up and put them in other places, and pushed the boogie machine around, and then we went to the groshamee store. Then we went for a very long walk, and I chased things! That was very fun. Then we relaxed on the patio – well, mama relaxed, and I monitored the yard for suspicious activity, because that is what I do.

Day Two: This also started like a normal No Work day, there was no buzzing sound to wake us up, and mama read words on a bunch of folded papers while she had breakfast.  Except oh no, she made too much bacon!  So I had to have a piece.  Then she wrote letters in tiny little boxes while I chewed on a swizzle stick, which is what we always do on the second No Work day.  Then we went for a long walk, and then!  We went to Camp Freedom to run run run!  Gramma scratched my itchy spots, and granpa made food on the smoky cooker, and then we had a campfire!  That was very fun.  And I got to have a steak bone – yummy!

Day Three: Normally after two No Work days, mama leaves again, but today she did not!  No Work again today, yay!  We went for a long walk, and did laundamees, and played fetch in the yard, and then we went to Camp Freedom again!  This time granpa made chicka-brats to eat, and I got to have one!  And, gramma and mama took pictures of me jumping through a hoop, I wonder what that was for?

Day Four:  No Work again today?  I can hardly believe it!  Today we went to my all-time favorite Stick Factory!  I like this Stick Factory because there are two places where I can swim, and many many places where we can hike.  There was nobody else in the Stick Factory – we had the whole place to ourselves!  So mama carried my leash, but I was not attached to it – ha ha ha!  (Do not tell the Ranger Man.)  But I am a good boy, I stay on the Trail, and don’t go too far ahead, so mama can see me – and every once in a while I stop and look back to make sure she is still there.  Sometimes when we go to the Stick Factory mama brings the little house of cloth and we sleep in there.  But this time, after we were done having fun in the Stick Factory, we went back Home.  I like that, because then I can sleep comfy and not worry about all the strange sounds that I hear.

Day Five:  Still no work!  Today we went for a very long ride, and then we ended up in a whole new Stick Factory!    There were even more places for us to hike, and I saw some of the biggest trees I have ever seen!  We hiked and hiked and hiked, and then we went to a lake where I could swim!  I even learned how to jump off a table thing and into the water.  After that, I was very tired, and I slept all the way Home.

Day Six:  Today we did not have a Stick Factory adventure, because the sky was full of gray things that might drop water on us.  But I stuporvised while mama did projects like taking things out of the little food room and putting them back in, and then we went for a long walk, and then!  We went to my favorite store, Mounds!  Because the people at gramma’s Work gave me a very nice present for being in their commershal.   So I shopped and sniffed for things I would like, and I got a brand new toy!  It is the kind where mama puts treats inside and then I have to figure out how to get the treats out!  This one was a new shape, and it is much harder!  And mama also stocked up on all my favorite treats – swizzle sticks and chicka-jerky and super giant biscuits, oh my!

Day Seven:  Another Stick Factory adventure today!  We went for another very long ride, and then we ended up at the Stick Factory with all the water and big yellow rocks.  There was nobody else at this Stick Factory either, so we got to run and play!  We stayed the whole day, hiking and swimming and just sitting by the waters, and then went back Home.

Day Eight:  I like it so much when mama stays home with me.  I think the part I like best is that there is no buzzing noise in the morning, we just wake up when it starts to get light, and then mama rubs my tummy for a while before we get up.  Today mama pushed the boogie machine around again, and did some more Projects, and then we went to the groshamee store, and then we just had a quiet day with long walks and relaxing on the patio.

Day Nine:  Today was another quiet day, we had pan-a-ma-cakes for breakfast, and mama wrote letters in tiny little boxes again while I chewed a swizzle stick, and then we went for a very long walk, and then I stuporvised while she worked in the garden.  Now I am very tired – I really like having mama home with me, but I also miss my naps during the day!



September 4, 2010

I chased many things today! First, there was a squirrel in the back yard! Mama let me out so I could chase him, and I did! I chased him not just to the first tree, or the second tree, but all the way to the third tree! The squirrel went up in the tree so I could not get him, but I peed on the tree to let him know that I was there.

Then! We went for a Long Walk, and there were honker chickens at the secret pond! Mama let me off my leash, and I chased those honker chickens, I chased them right into the pond! That was very fun, and I got wet, so I could cool off.

And then! As we were walking back home, there was a tiny brown chicken on the sidewalk! Normally I cannot catch the tiny brown chickens because they fly away. But this one could not fly away for some reason, he could only hop. I was very excited, because maybe this time I would finally catch one! But mama held me back. Why? I know that she does not like chickens when they fly at her, so if I caught one it would be a good thing! But maybe she felt sorry for the tiny brown chicken because he was hurt. So I did not chase him, I just watched as he hopped away.