Dog Star

August 3, 2010

I am a moovee star! I went over to gramma and granpa’s house, and I did tricks while gramma took pictures of me. I even had to learn a new trick, called “click”. I learned it fast, it only took me one night! And then! They made the pictures of me into a commershal! It was very fun, and I got paid in leftover chickens! Yay!



  1. Cute commercial!

  2. Hi Jake

    One of our members at Grandma’s work called on Friday and asked to speak to the dog. I told him that Jake was not working but I would try to help him. He asked: Well can he pay my bill? We both laughed and then he asked about you. I told him how your Mom and Grandma got you to tap the mouse. He really liked the the video. I told him to keep watching for the next one. Jacob Ziggy Marley the superstar.

  3. That is very funny! I am glad he liked the commershal, I will have to give him a “pawtograph”. Mama says there are ideas for another one, that would be very fun!

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