Fun Surprise

July 2, 2010

I had a surprise tonight – gramma and granpa came to visit me! Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I showed them my toys, and then we sat outside – granpa took my chair! But that is OK, because I always take his chair when I go to see him at Camp Freedom. Then gramma made pretty sounds on the piaNO, and everybody sang. (Except me, I do not sing, I bark.) Then! Mama used the talking toy, and the pizza man came to bring us pizza! I like pizza, because sometimes people give me the crust that they do not want to eat. Then! When it got dark, we went to sit outside again, and everybody stared at the sky. I do not know why they stared at the sky, there were some bright lights and loud boom noises, I suppose that is what they were looking at, they said “Oooh” and “Aaah”. Some other dogs are scared of the loud boom noises, but not me – I am not scared of anything.

That was very fun, I like it when gramma and granpa come to visit me!

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