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Stinky Cats

June 29, 2010

Today I went to run run run at Camp Freedom, and on the way home mama suddenly slowed down the car and stopped, because there was a bunch of amamals coming into the road! It was a whole family, they looked like black cats, except they had white stripes on their back, and they were stinky! I smelled them, and decided that I did not want to bark at them, because they might make me stinky! Mama let them cross the road, and then we went on our way Home.


Fuzzy Sticks

June 2, 2010

There is a big wooden thing by the front of the house – it is magic! After the water falls from the sky, mama presses a little metal piece, and then poof! Water comes out of the big wooden thing! I try to drink the water, but she says Icky. Today mama planted some fuzzy sticks by the big wooden thing – she got them from a nice lady at her Work. I like the fuzzy sticks! I am not supposed to eat them, though.