Stick Factory Pic-A-Nic

May 28, 2010

This morning mama said No Work Today, even though I had not counted to five days – yay, a bonus day! We had breakfast, and washed the dishes (I helped), and then! Mama got out the special bag and the cold blocks, and put food and water inside! I think I know what that means…a trip to the Stick Factory! But this time we went to a whole new Stick Factory, where I had not been before! There was a big Mound, and the sign said it was Blue, although I do not know, because I cannot see colors. We went Hiking, and had a pic-a-nic, and then Hiked some more! That was very very fun! I was so tired, I could not even do my job as Co-Pilot on the way home – I lay in the back seat and rested my eyes.

Here are some pictures I took!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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