Chippie Chaser

May 21, 2010

Today when mama came home at lunch to take me for a walk, when we got back to the house, she saw a chippie run right into the garage! I did not see it, but then she unhooked me and said “Get the chippie!” I sniffed around the garage – where are you, chippie? Are you under the car? Are you behind the rake? Wait, there you are, behind the garbage bin! I see you, chippie! The chippie tried to run, but! I chased him! I chased him around the bin, and around the car, and all around the garage until he ran outside! He ran right to a hole in the ground by the neighbor’s door, and I chased him! Ha! Now I know where you live, little chippie! I stuck my head into the chippie hole and told him “You cannot escape from me! I am Jake, the Chippie Chaser!”



  1. hey jake,
    good job. out at camp freedom i have a lot of chippies to chase you can come out and have fun any time. what are you doing for memorial day? how about a pic-a-nnic with a cookout and campfire?


  2. Granpa I saw a dead chippie just now! He was just lying there in the grass when we went for a walk and he did not move even when I poked at him, I think he melted in all this heat.

    A memorial day pic-a-nic sounds very fun! Mama and I do not have any plans for the weekend, just to play!

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