Bonus Day!

May 3, 2010

Today was a very fun day – it was a Bonus Day!  Normally I get to have two days where mama does not go to work, but this morning, she said No Work Today again!  I was so excited!  We had breakfast, and then sat on the patio while mama drank hot brown stuff and wrote letters inside of tiny little boxes.  And then!  Mama made some food, and put it into a bag.  Why would she do that?  We just ate!  Then she picked up my tennis ball and my leash, and then we went for a very long Ride, and then!  We were at the Stick Factory!  I love going to the Stick Factory, there are so many fun smells, and fun places to walk, and!  There is even a special place at the Stick Factory where I can go swimming!  And we had a pick-a-nick by the lake – I ate chickens while I stared at the geese, because they were too far out for me to swim and get them.  It was a very fun Bonus Day!  I was so tired when we got back home, I could not even bark at the squirrel in the back yard.

Here are some pictures that I took:

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