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Rain Go Away

April 25, 2010

Rain rain go away
I want to go out and play!


Puppy Needs Water

April 21, 2010


One-Two Punch

April 10, 2010

There are three little poofy dogs who live next to us – we get along fine, mainly because they stay on their side of the Line, although sometimes they bark at me – I do not bark at them, though, because they are too small to be classified as Unauthorized. But! Today one of them got loose, and came over to me! I was on my leash, so he had to come all the way into my yard! Still I did not bark at him, but then he came right up to my face – well, actually, he came up to about my knees. And then he started barking at me! I looked at mama, and then I rolled him, and lay on top of him. I think mama wanted to laugh, but she was worried that the little poofy dog’s lady would be mad. But the lady just said “Well, that’s what you get!”

Then the next day, the neighbors on the other side let their kitty cats outside to play! They were tied up on a leash, too, just like me. I was very curious, but I did not bark! I lay down and just quivered, because I did not know what to do! Mama sat with me and petted me, so I would know it was All Right. Then the neighbor man brought one of the kitty cats over towards me, to see if we would get along. I sat very very still, and then! All of the sudden, the kitty cat reached out and bopped me on the nose! I did not like that! I looked at mama, and she said maybe the backyard constitution should include separation of cat and dog.