Chicken Store

March 27, 2010

Tonight mama said “go for ride”, and I got very excited, because! A ride means that you get in the car, and then you go, and then you end up somewhere else! Sometimes the somewhere else is not very exciting, like a store, but sometimes it is very exciting, like Camp Freedom! So we got in the car, and then we went, and this time, we went to a store. It was the flat cloth store – humans need to wear clothes, because they do not have fur, and the humans can either buy clothes already put together, or they can get flat cloth and put together their own clothes. Mama does not go to the flat cloth store very often, but when she does, she is in there for a long time. This time, she was in there so long that she said it was too late to make suppers. What? No suppers? But I am a hungry hungry puppy!

So we rode in the car and I thought we were going Home, but! We went to another store, this one had red and white stripes, and a big picture of a man in a white suit. I wonder what they sell here? Mama drove around to one side of the store and stopped and talked at a shiny metal thing. Then she drove around to another side of the store where there was a window. Then the window opened, and I smelled chicken! Lots and lots of chicken! Mama traded a green piece of paper, and they gave her a bag full of chicken!

This was a Chicken Store! Why hasn’t anyone ever told me about this? If I could drive the car, I would go to the Chicken Store every day! Oh, but I do not have green paper to trade, I wonder if they would take a tennis ball?

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