Camp Freedom Sleepover

March 14, 2010

This is how the adventure started – first mama stayed home all day to play with me! Even though I had not counted five days that she went to Work. Then the next day, she also did not go to Work! But then she put some clothes in a bag, and I started to get Worried. Then we went for a Ride, and we ended up at Camp Freedom! And! When we got there, I saw a turkey in the yard! So I chased him! I chased that turkey all the way into the marsh!

But then! Mama went Away, and left me at Camp Freedom! I did not know what to do! Normally when I am at Camp Freedom, mama is there, or gramma and granpa. So I sat on top of the couch in the front window, and Watched. Then after a while, granpa came home! And gramma! So I knew that it was OK.

I got to have a sleepover weekend at Camp Freedom – that was very fun! I patrolled the back yard, and helped granpa with Projects, and monitored the joggers and the squirrels. Keep moving, joggers! Keep moving, squirrels! I had suppers with gramma and granpa, and I slept on the floor by the bed. Granpa got up in the night, and I took his spot, ha ha ha! I let him have it back, though.

Then the next day, and the day after that I played some more with gramma and granpa! Once I went to the end of the driveway and looked down the road – that was the direction that mama went Away, maybe she would come back the same way. But Camp Freedom is very fun, there is so much to do! I did a lot of running, and I took naps when I got tired.

And then! Mama came home! I was very happy. I stayed very close to her, so she could not Escape again.

It is vey tiring chasing turkeys and squirrels and keeping track of joggers!

Granpa and me took a Nap after all our Projects

Do you want your chair back, gramma? But I am so comfy!

The couch is comfy, too - I wonder why gramma put sheets on everything?

Can I send an email to mama, please?

Gramma went to pick up Chinese supper - they said it would be ready in 10 minutes! Oh boy!


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