Ice Cream Bowl!

March 7, 2010

I like ice cream! It is a very tasty treat. My buddy Brusca liked ice cream too – she would lick it up daintily from any bowl. But I am not dainty! If I have ice cream in a regular bowl, I eat it all in one bite – chomp! Then gramma figgered out that if she puts ice cream in a small bowl and mashes it down, I cannot eat it all in one bite! She is very smart! Then granpa got me a special bowl just for ice cream! It is an excellent ice cream bowl, because! It is wide in the middle, but skinny at the top, so the ice cream stays in the bowl. So I have to lick the ice cream, but! Sometimes the bowl slides too much, and then I pick it up and move it to the carpet, where it does not slide so much. Ice cream, ice cream, yay!


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