Mama Stay Home

February 11, 2010

Cold and snow, cold and snow, cold and snow. I want to play outside! But I can’t. Maybe it would be better if mama stayed home with me! But she goes to a place called “work”. Mama, stay home!

This morning I tried every trick I know to make her stay home. I dropped a tennis ball at her feet – now she will play fetch with me, and stay home! I stole part of the newspaper and destroyed it – now she will have to clean it up, and stay home! I laid my head on her foot while she was trying to put on her socks – now she will be barefoot, and stay home! I rolled over on my back and wagged my tail – now she will rub my belly, and stay home! I curled up on the bed and put on my saddest face – now she will feel sorry for me, and stay home!

But she went to work anyway. I hope she comes back soon!



  1. Aw, poor Jake. I’m sure she’ll play with you over t weekend. One question though: When did your mama start wearing socks?!

  2. I pulled out all the stops this morning, I laid at the top of the stairs, with my chin on top of my tennis ball, looking up at her with the saddest puppy dog eyes I could make. It did not work.

    PS – Ha ha ha, Mama started wearing socks when she got me, because she has to walk outside in the cold a lot more now. Just the other day she said “Where did all these socks come from?”

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