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Photos from Camp Freedom

February 26, 2010

Sector Three Secure

Turkey! Red Alert!

No turkey here

Water water yay!

Where is granpa?


Mama Stay Home

February 11, 2010

Cold and snow, cold and snow, cold and snow. I want to play outside! But I can’t. Maybe it would be better if mama stayed home with me! But she goes to a place called “work”. Mama, stay home!

This morning I tried every trick I know to make her stay home. I dropped a tennis ball at her feet – now she will play fetch with me, and stay home! I stole part of the newspaper and destroyed it – now she will have to clean it up, and stay home! I laid my head on her foot while she was trying to put on her socks – now she will be barefoot, and stay home! I rolled over on my back and wagged my tail – now she will rub my belly, and stay home! I curled up on the bed and put on my saddest face – now she will feel sorry for me, and stay home!

But she went to work anyway. I hope she comes back soon!