Blizzard 2009

December 9, 2009

A lot of white stuff fell from the sky last night, so today mama stayed home to play with me – yay! We played in the snow, and made cookies, and I helped her clear the end of the driveway! Well, mainly I stuporvised. Now I am very tired. I hope she goes to Work tomorrow, so I can rest!

Here is a moovee of me playing in the snow!



  1. hey jake,
    camp freedom is buried in snow also. you will have to work hard to run, run, run. but if it warms up some the depth of the snow will lessen. be careful the next few days it is very cold outside. not fit for man nor beast so it is best to stay inside.
    your pal,

    • It is very cold, granpa! Mama and I do not go for a Walk when it is so cold, she just lets me out in the yard, but she does not use the chain, so I am Free! But I cannot go very far anyway because of all the white stuff on the ground. I can only be Out for a few minutes, then my paws get too cold, and I sit down and hold my paw up and mama holds it and warms it back up and then we go back inside. But we play fun games inside! Tonight we played Find It, mama hid my squeaky ball in all kinds of different places, and I had to Find It! That was a very fun game.

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