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Jake’s Winter Wonderland

December 20, 2009

Open: November through April
Hours of operation: 5:30 AM to 10 PM
Admission: Free
All trails are clearly marked in yellow.
Not responsible for lost or stolen tennis balls.


Fun with Granpa

December 19, 2009

Today I got to play with Granpa – he called it Work, but it was all fun for me! First we got out the boogie snow machine from the shed, and made a path up the hill. I helped – I showed Granpa where to make the path! Then we rescued Santa and Frosty because they fell down in all the snow – Santa is OK, but Frosty did not survive. Then I saw a squirrel! I jumped down over the rock wall and chased that squirrel! Granpa did not think I could jump back up over the wall, but I did! Even though it is almost as tall as he is!

Then we rested, because that was a lot of projects to do. Then mama came to get me, and then! I saw a very big amimal in the marsh – he had sticks on his head! And then there were a whole bunch of other amimals just like him! I counted them, I think there were eight of them! I barked and barked, and I wanted to chase them so bad! But mama said they might be Santa’s reindeer, and if I chased them I might ruin Christmas for the whole world. Hmmph. If they are Santa’s reindeer, they had better get to Work!


Blizzard 2009

December 9, 2009

A lot of white stuff fell from the sky last night, so today mama stayed home to play with me – yay! We played in the snow, and made cookies, and I helped her clear the end of the driveway! Well, mainly I stuporvised. Now I am very tired. I hope she goes to Work tomorrow, so I can rest!

Here is a moovee of me playing in the snow!