November 29, 2009

My mama has not been following the routine the past few days – on Thursday, we got up and she did not go to Work, that was fun! We went for a long walk, and played Fetch in the yard, but then! In the middle of the day, she went away! She was gone for a long time, it got dark and she still did not come Home. Where did she go? Finally she came home, late late late, and I was so excited to see her that I could not wait at the top of the stairs like I am supposed to, I rushed down to say hello!

Then the next day, she got up and went to Work, which is normal, and she came home in the middle of the day which is also normal, but then she did not go back to Work! That was fun, we went for another long walk, and then we had a quiet afternoon, mama calls that “relaxing”.

Then the next day, we went to the groshamee Store like we always do, and then we went for another long walk, and then mama spent a lot of time moving things around and wiping the dirt off of them. I watched her, and I do not think she likes doing that, I wonder why she does it? But then! A super fun adventure, we went to Camp Freedom! I got to run run run, and play in the marsh – I took pictures, too. Then granpa made a Thanksgrilling feast! I got to have hammaburger AND cheese – very tasty!

I am thankful for days when mama gets to spend more time with me, and days when I get to spend time at Camp Freedom, but I also like the normal routine, too, because then I know exactly what is going to happen and when.


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