A Day at Camp Freedom

November 21, 2009

Today I got to spend the whole day at Camp Freedom – very fun! The adventure started right when I got to Camp Freedom, because! There was a gobbler chicken in Sector Two! I chased that gobbler chicken until he flew away into Sector Gone.

Then mama went Away, and I was worried for a little bit, but then! I got to go on TWO rides with grampa! He did not know that he is supposed to pet me while we ride in the car, so I reminded him. And I got to help him with Projects outside! We put a big piece of metal on a tractor thing, and then I followed him around while he did other things in the yard.

Then grampa went Away for a little while, and I played with gramma – I had to guard her from some people who were walking by very slowly, and talking with words that sounded different. Unauthorized! Keep moving!

Then in the afternoon grampa and I took a Nap, because we had been working hard all day. But then! Mama came back! I was so excited, I spun around in circles. I had fun playing at Camp Freedom all day, but I was glad to see mama again.


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