When Round Things Go Flat

November 15, 2009

When humans want to go somewhere that is farther than they can walk, they get into big metal wagons. The big metal wagons go very fast! I have figured out that they go so fast because they have four big black round things on the bottom that spin around and around. I think that if the four black round things were not there, or if they were flat, the big metals wagons would not go so fast.

That is what happened to us! Me and my human went for a Ride, and we went to some Stores, but then we got back on the fast road, another wagon pulled up next to us and said one of our round things was Flat! Not good! My human started to slow down, and then, BUMP BUMP BUMP! The wagon did not want to go anymore! So she went off to the side of the fast road, and then we were stopped. Why are we stopped? We are in the wagon, it is supposed to Go! Mama got out the little toy that lets her talk to people who aren’t there, and she called for Help. It’s a very good thing that humans have those little toys, so they can call for help when they need it! We waited for a while, and I wanted to get out, but we had to stay until Help came.

Then! A big truck came, bigger than I have ever seen! The man driving the truck was there to help us, and finally mama put on my leash and let me out. There was grass, and a fence, and I wanted to explore, but mama said I had to Sit, because there were many big metal wagons zooming by, and she did not want me to be Flat. The truck man attached some chains to our wagon, and then the truck made a big noise, and it pulled our wagon all the way up onto the back of the truck! The truck man said I could ride in the front with him and mama, but even a super high jumper like me could not jump that high! Mama had to lift me up into the truck, and then we went for another Ride. That was a fun Ride, though, because I was way up high and could see everything!

The truck took us to a Store where they sell the black round things, so mama could buy a new one that was round, and not flat. The people at that Store were very nice, and they let me come in! Except there were little humans there who kept trying to pet me on the head, even though my mama asked them not to, because I was too excited for petting. The people who sell the black round things said it would take a long time to put the new round things on, so mama got out the talker toy again, and then! In a little bit, Gramma came to rescue us! Yay, gramma!

We rested at Camp Freedom for a while, and then Gramma and Mama went away again, and came back with our wagon, with four brand new black round things on it. We were so happy, we celebrated by having chicken that granpa cooked for us! Yay, granpa! Now the big metal wagon can go fast again, yay!

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