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Adventures with Gramma!

October 25, 2009

Yesterday Mama and I went for a Ride early in the morning, and when we stopped, we were at Camp Freedom! Gramma was there, and I got to play with her all day! That was very fun! First I got to help Gramma clean, she got out the noisy vacuma-chine. I used to be scared of the vacuma-chine, and bark at it, but not anymore! Now I know that I get a treat when the vacuma-chine is all done. But! Gramma has a lot more floors than my mama does, so it takes her longer to vacuma-chine everything. So I herded Gramma around, nudging her to keep moving, so she would finish and give me a treat.

Then we played outside for a while, and when we came back in, Gramma gave me a surprise – a brand new toy! She put treats inside the toy, and I tried to get them out, but it was very hard! I kept tossing the toy on the floor, thunk! thunk! thunk! thunk! thunk! But no treats came out. So Gramma just gave me a treat.

Then we had lunch – I hopped up on the chair next to Gramma to see what she was eating, but it was all green crunchy things. Ptooey! Where is the chicken, Gramma?

Then! Red alert! Squirrel in Sector One – sitting right on the deck! UNAUTHORIZED! I was inside, but I did not let that stop me – I pushed on the patio door with my paws and opened it! I chased that squirrel, I chased him good! Gramma did not know that I can open patio doors – she sure does now!

Then Gramma and I made cookies! They were the kind I can eat, because they did not have any choco-ma-late, so Gramma gave me one! (Shhh, don’t tell mama.) That was a very good cookie. Then Gramma lay down on the couch to take a nap, and I guarded her! There were many things to guard her from – bikers and joggers and Simba, oh my!

I had a lot of fun playing with Gramma all day – I hope I get to do it again sometime!