September 16, 2009

Guess what guess what – I got to go camping again! It started off as a very long ride in the car, but then when we got to the Stick Factory, I knew! This is where I get to have a super big adventure! It was so much fun, we went for many long walks (when you walk in the Stick Factory it is called a “hike”), and I got to go swimming every day! Plus, because there was hardly anybody in the Stick Factory, my human let me go without a leash sometimes! (Shhh, don’t tell the Ranger Human.)

I saw many animals, including one animal in the water that looked like a big stick floating along, but then it shimmied away. My human says it was an “otter”. I kept hearing the honker chickens, but I did not see them, until one day there they were, a whole bunch of them at the doggy beach! I chased those honker chickens, I chased them good! And I almost caught a chippie! Those DNR chippies are pretty slow, though.

And we had campfires! I know how to behave around a campfire, granpa showed me how. And we roasted hot dogs! Hot dogs are pretty tasty just the way they are, but they are even better roasted over a campfire!

I wish we could stay camping all the time, but my human said something about “bed” and “running water”, and that it was time to go home. When we were driving away, I saw the honker chickens one more time, and I shouted goodbye to them!

That was such a fun adventure! It was even worth the B-A-T-H when I got home. I hope I can go camping again soon!



  1. jake you are becoming quite the outdoorsman or should that be dog. glad to see you had fun. granpa

  2. Hi Jake. You are one lucky dog to have a human to take you camping! My name is Re and I freelance for a magazine that is all about dogs who are great companions. I saw your blog today and wondered if your mom would be interested in talking with us for an article about dogs and their everyday adventures with their people. She can contact me at noel.writers@gmail.com.

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