August 10, 2009

Today was a very fun day! Even though my human had already stayed home to play with me for the regular two days, today she stayed home again! Three days in a row with my human! She said it was a bonus adventure day, and we were going on a pick-a-nick! I have never been on a pick-a-nick before. My human put some food and things to drink inside a box, and then she put ice inside the box so it would all stay cold.

Then we went for a Drive! A Drive is like a Ride, but it is longer, and you go where it is green and not all buildings. I saw a big animal, it was the biggest animal I have ever seen! My human said that it was something called a “horse”, he looks like he could run very fast.

Then when the Drive was done, we were at the Stick Factory! I was very excited, I like going to the Stick Factory. We went for a Hike, which is like a Walk, but you get to walk through the Stick Factory, and there are trees and chippies and squirrels and fun things to smell. We hiked by a big water, it is called the devil lake. I was a very Good Boy, I ran around and sniffed things, but when other humans came by, I walked nice right next to my human.

Then we had the pick-a-nick! My human got the cold box out of the car, and we sat under a tree and ate the food. She had something that smelled very good, and I had some leftover pieces of suppers. Then we Hiked again! We went up a big big hill, and there were many fun things to smell, and then we found a stream to play in, and then we came back down the hill again.

That was a lot of walking! On the Drive back home, I was so tired that I could not do my copilot job, so I just laid down in the back seat and slept. When we got home, my human filled up my swimming pool to play in, and I splashed around some, but then I just sat on the chair and monitored the yard, because I was so tired. And then my human had a bacon-ptui-ptui sandwich, and then we had ice cream! Now I am asleep on the couch, but my paws are moving, because I am dreaming of all things things I saw at the Stick Factory.

What a fun bonus adventure day!

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