Missing – Two Humans

August 9, 2009

jzmsecurityAPB FROM JZM SECURITY – Missing one male and one female human. Male human has white hair and an elbow condition that causes him to drop food. Female has cinnamon hair and sounds just like my human.

Aliases: Granpa and Gramma
Age: More than me
Height: More than me
Weight: More than me

Last seen at Camp Freedom. Granpa was last seen on Thursday night, but then he escaped on a rocket machine and was not seen again. Weekend patrol at Camp Freedom found that Gramma is now also missing. Checked all interior and exterior sectors of Camp Freedom, but no sign of the grandparents was found. Please report any sightings to JZM Security, 1-800-555-BARK.


    all is now clear. both reported missing persons have returned to camp freedom. DO NOT WORRY! everything is back to normal. you may come and inspect at any time.

    granpa alias rocket man

  2. I am glad you are back! I thought maybe the evil chickens carried you away. I am going on an adventure to Devil’s Lake today, but maybe later this week can I come run run run?

    • of course, of course. the man who watches for storms and bad stuff says a butifull week is ahead with less heat and humiditidity perfect run, run, run weather. granpa

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