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Big Big Hole

August 24, 2009

Today my human and I went for a walk, and we saw a big big hole in the sidewalk! I can dig pretty good, but even I could not dig a hole in the cement. It must have been a very big dog that dug such a big hole!




August 23, 2009

Today I got to be outside all day! That was good, because yesterday was very confusing, my human went away in the middle of the day, and then she came back but she parked the car in the driveway and then walked down the street without me, and then she came back again later but she stood outside talking to the neighbor lady, then she finally came inside and rescued me!

So it was very fun to be outside all day today! How it happened was this, we had breakfast, and then my human sat on the patio and read the newpapers and drank hot brown stuff – I have never tasted the hot brown stuff, my human says “no way ho-say.” Then we went for a long walk! Then she wrote tiny letters inside of boxes on one of the newpapers. Then we went to Camp Freedom! Granpa was not there, but Gramma was there, I helped her sweep, and did many perimeter checks. I also ate some animal crackers that the Neeses left on the floor, because they are animal crackers, and I am an animal, so they must be for me.

Then we came back home, and my human decided to move all the things off the patio and brush wet stuff on it. She moved my chain to the middle of the yard, so I could go all the way to the pine tree! But here is the best part – I tricked her into forgetting to unlock the front door. So when the patio was all wet, we could not get back in the house! We had to stay outside and play all afternoon – ha ha ha! She got out my walk-in water bowl, and we played fetch, and I played with the neighbor lady’s hose! The neighbor lady said my human could go in her house if she needed to, but my human said that was OK, she was having fun outside.

And then! We heard a dinging noise over and over, my human said the dinging noise was a song called “Turkey In The Straw”, and it was an ice cream truck. Oh boy! A whole truck full of ice cream that just drives around and gives ice cream to people, that is amazing! I did not get any ice cream from the truck, but you just wait! Someday I will chase it, and catch it, and get ice cream!


The Magic Porch

August 20, 2009

I got to play at Camp Freedom last night, and I discovered the Magic Porch! I was sitting out on the front porch with granpa, eating ice cream and listening to the radio-mo, when it started to rain. At my house, if I go out on the porch when it’s raining, I get wet, but! On the Magic Porch, I stayed dry! That was very neat – I could be outside in the rain, but not get rained on! Such a deal!



August 11, 2009

I know I can’t catch
The crows because they can fly
But I still chase them



August 10, 2009

Today was a very fun day! Even though my human had already stayed home to play with me for the regular two days, today she stayed home again! Three days in a row with my human! She said it was a bonus adventure day, and we were going on a pick-a-nick! I have never been on a pick-a-nick before. My human put some food and things to drink inside a box, and then she put ice inside the box so it would all stay cold.

Then we went for a Drive! A Drive is like a Ride, but it is longer, and you go where it is green and not all buildings. I saw a big animal, it was the biggest animal I have ever seen! My human said that it was something called a “horse”, he looks like he could run very fast.

Then when the Drive was done, we were at the Stick Factory! I was very excited, I like going to the Stick Factory. We went for a Hike, which is like a Walk, but you get to walk through the Stick Factory, and there are trees and chippies and squirrels and fun things to smell. We hiked by a big water, it is called the devil lake. I was a very Good Boy, I ran around and sniffed things, but when other humans came by, I walked nice right next to my human.

Then we had the pick-a-nick! My human got the cold box out of the car, and we sat under a tree and ate the food. She had something that smelled very good, and I had some leftover pieces of suppers. Then we Hiked again! We went up a big big hill, and there were many fun things to smell, and then we found a stream to play in, and then we came back down the hill again.

That was a lot of walking! On the Drive back home, I was so tired that I could not do my copilot job, so I just laid down in the back seat and slept. When we got home, my human filled up my swimming pool to play in, and I splashed around some, but then I just sat on the chair and monitored the yard, because I was so tired. And then my human had a bacon-ptui-ptui sandwich, and then we had ice cream! Now I am asleep on the couch, but my paws are moving, because I am dreaming of all things things I saw at the Stick Factory.

What a fun bonus adventure day!


Missing – Two Humans

August 9, 2009

jzmsecurityAPB FROM JZM SECURITY – Missing one male and one female human. Male human has white hair and an elbow condition that causes him to drop food. Female has cinnamon hair and sounds just like my human.

Aliases: Granpa and Gramma
Age: More than me
Height: More than me
Weight: More than me

Last seen at Camp Freedom. Granpa was last seen on Thursday night, but then he escaped on a rocket machine and was not seen again. Weekend patrol at Camp Freedom found that Gramma is now also missing. Checked all interior and exterior sectors of Camp Freedom, but no sign of the grandparents was found. Please report any sightings to JZM Security, 1-800-555-BARK.


Wet And Tired

August 4, 2009