Field Guide: Doors

July 30, 2009

The humans like to be inside boxes (they call it a house) but if they want to go outside of the box they have to go out through a big square hole. But they do not like bugs or rain or other strange things coming inside their boxes, so they have big flat things that cover the holes – these are called doors! There are many kinds of doors – inside the human boxes are smaller boxes called rooms, and sometimes the smaller boxes have doors, too. The small box doors are thinner, and sometimes when the human goes into one of the smaller boxes and closes the door, you can get them to come back out by scratching at it with your paw. They do not like their doors to have scratches on them, so they will come and open the door.

The doors to the outside are thicker, and have metal pieces in them to make sure they stay closed. Most doors work by twisting a thing and then pushing on them, but some doors slide back and forth! I know how to open a pushing door, if it is not closed tight, by jumping at it with my paws. And I also know how to open a sliding door, by nudging it with my nose! The neighbor man was very surprised, but also laughed, when I did that to his door. Also most doors do not let you look out, but there are some doors made of something like clear water, and you can see out! That is very fun.

Another thing I learned about doors is this: most of them will hold you up if you jump up and put your paws on them, like the big clear door in the back of my human’s house. That is a fun thing to do, especially if there is something interesting in the yard to look at, like a squirrel or an evil chicken. But! There is another kind of door, and you can see out of it because it is made of a cloth with many tiny little holes in it, and it lets fresh air into the house, but it does not hold you up when you jump on it!

That is what happened to me! I saw an evil chicken in the yard, and I was so excited that I jumped up, but the door with the little tiny holes in it did not hold me up! Instead, there was a big “RIP” sound, and then all of the sudden there was no door anymore, just a big open space! I looked at my human, and she just laughed, and closed the big clear door so no bugs could get inside the house. She said she is going to take that door to the Store to have it fixed, and that I should be more careful next time.

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