Sleepover at Camp Freedom!

July 27, 2009

Saturday morning I knew something was up, because my human put clothes in a bag and then put the bag into the car. Why would she put clothes in a bag? She has all kinds of clothes in the hanging place, she can just get them from there. Then she said we were going for a ride, and we went to Camp Freedom! I was excited, but I was also worried. She talked to gramma and granpa for a little bit, and gave them my blanket, and then! She tried to escape! I tried to follow her, but she got away!

I was worried for a while, but gramma and granpa had activities planned for me, and that was very fun! I helped gramma make treats, although I did not get any, they were for Church. Then we had supper, and then it was Sleepytime! My blanket was on the floor by the bed, so I slept there – until gramma got up in the middle of the night, and then I took her place! Ha ha ha.

Sunday morning I got up when granpa did (he gets up a lot earlier than my human), and then I got to guard Camp Freedom while they went away for a little bit. Then, I helped granpa mow the lawn! I herded him to make sure he got it all, although I got a little too close to the tractor. Then we had chickens for supper, and then granpa set up the water shooter in the front yard! I chased it and ate the water, and made the bicycle people laugh as they rode by.

Then my human came back! I was so happy to see her! But the water shooter was still going, so I went back to chasing it. Then we went home! When my human put the bag of clothes back in the bedroom, I knew we were home for sure, and I was so happy that I zoomed around, jumping on and off the bed.

I had so much fun sleeping over at Camp Freedom, and I got to run free the whole time! Mama is glad that I was a Good Boy, and that I was able to stay overnight at Camp Freedom, although I think that means she may try to escape again. I will have to keep my eye on her! (Or the bag of clothes!)

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