All Confused

July 22, 2009

I am all confused. I have not had a Normal day in a very long time! Last Friday instead of going to work in the morning, mama stayed home and played with me. We went over to Camp Freedom, and I got to run run run and meet some new people – that was very fun! But then in the afternoon she went away, and came back at a strange time. Then the next day, it looked like she was going to stay home, but no, she left in the morning, and came back at a strange time in the afternoon. Then the next day, she went away in the middle part of the day! Then she came back, and then we went to Camp Freedom and there were still other people there – they got to stay at Camp Freedom the whole weekend! That must be fun, I hope I get to do that some day.

Then! On Monday mama went to work again and came back at the regular times, but yesterday she did not come home in the middle of the day. And then! After supper she and the neighbor lady talked, and they decided to go to the Store to get a thing for the neighbor lady’s computer. I got to ride along! I sat in the back seat and was a Good Boy, and guarded the car while they went into the Store. That was fun, but it was not Normal – also, water was falling from the sky, so I could not go for a Walk.

I hope today will be Normal.


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