Not Same

July 9, 2009

My human goes away during the day (she calls it “work”), but she always comes home in the middle of the day so we can go for a short walk. I like that, because I can go potty, and I do not have to wait so long to see her again!

The last two days, though, instead of my human, the neighbor lady came to let me out. I like the neighbor lady, she pets me and lets me talk to her cat, although sometimes I get in trouble for going into her garden. She came in the middle of the day and we went in the yard and played with the hose and that was fun, and I am glad the neighbor lady came to play with me, but – not same. When my human finally came home, I asked her, I asked “Where have you been all day?”

Today, my human came home in the middle of the day like normal, and that was very good.



  1. Hi Jake,

    It’s fun having someone new visit. Last Thursday I got a visit from my new dog nephew, his name is Calihan. He’s kind of a pest because he is only eight months old, but we had fun playing.

    Today Mom and I did one of my favorite things; we went for a car ride. On the way home Mom said she needed to stop at the ATM machine.

    I didn’t know what an ATM machine was, but then we drove into the credit union parking lot. I was so excited because I get dog biscuits there. Well this was also “not same”.

    We drove in and Mom put a card into a box. The box talked to her. I barked at the box, but it only talks people not dog. The next thing the box did was give Mom some money and a piece of paper. I can’t eat a piece of paper, where was my dog biscuit?

    I don’t like the ATM machine, but now I know what it is. It’s a talking money machine

  2. So that is what those things are! My mama did the same thing to me once, we went to the place where the cookie comes out of the tube, but she went to the far right lane away from the building and just poked at that metal box and no cookie came out. I thought it was broken! Why do the humans like those green pieces of paper so much?

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