Freedom Day!

July 4, 2009

The humans have a holiday that is all about Freedom – yay! I got to celebrate all weekend, that was very fun! First, gramma and granpa came over to my house to play with me! We had pizza, and I hyp-mo-tized gramma into giving me the crust. Then gramma made pretty noises on the piaNO, and then we sat outside and watched colored fire explode in the sky! I know some other dogs are scared of exploding fire, because it makes a loud noise, but I am not scared!

Then the next day, I went to gramma and granpa’s house to play, and we ate chicken in a tube! It looked like a brat, but tasted like chicken! I do not know how they got all that chicken into the tube, but it was very good!

I also found out that granpa expanded the Freedom Trail – thank you, granpa! Now it goes way far back, all the way into the tall tall grass! The grass is almost as tall as my human, and you can’t see any people or houses or anything. My human and I went walking back there, it was so much fun!

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