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Field Guide: Doors

July 30, 2009

The humans like to be inside boxes (they call it a house) but if they want to go outside of the box they have to go out through a big square hole. But they do not like bugs or rain or other strange things coming inside their boxes, so they have big flat things that cover the holes – these are called doors! There are many kinds of doors – inside the human boxes are smaller boxes called rooms, and sometimes the smaller boxes have doors, too. The small box doors are thinner, and sometimes when the human goes into one of the smaller boxes and closes the door, you can get them to come back out by scratching at it with your paw. They do not like their doors to have scratches on them, so they will come and open the door.

The doors to the outside are thicker, and have metal pieces in them to make sure they stay closed. Most doors work by twisting a thing and then pushing on them, but some doors slide back and forth! I know how to open a pushing door, if it is not closed tight, by jumping at it with my paws. And I also know how to open a sliding door, by nudging it with my nose! The neighbor man was very surprised, but also laughed, when I did that to his door. Also most doors do not let you look out, but there are some doors made of something like clear water, and you can see out! That is very fun.

Another thing I learned about doors is this: most of them will hold you up if you jump up and put your paws on them, like the big clear door in the back of my human’s house. That is a fun thing to do, especially if there is something interesting in the yard to look at, like a squirrel or an evil chicken. But! There is another kind of door, and you can see out of it because it is made of a cloth with many tiny little holes in it, and it lets fresh air into the house, but it does not hold you up when you jump on it!

That is what happened to me! I saw an evil chicken in the yard, and I was so excited that I jumped up, but the door with the little tiny holes in it did not hold me up! Instead, there was a big “RIP” sound, and then all of the sudden there was no door anymore, just a big open space! I looked at my human, and she just laughed, and closed the big clear door so no bugs could get inside the house. She said she is going to take that door to the Store to have it fixed, and that I should be more careful next time.


Sleepover at Camp Freedom!

July 27, 2009

Saturday morning I knew something was up, because my human put clothes in a bag and then put the bag into the car. Why would she put clothes in a bag? She has all kinds of clothes in the hanging place, she can just get them from there. Then she said we were going for a ride, and we went to Camp Freedom! I was excited, but I was also worried. She talked to gramma and granpa for a little bit, and gave them my blanket, and then! She tried to escape! I tried to follow her, but she got away!

I was worried for a while, but gramma and granpa had activities planned for me, and that was very fun! I helped gramma make treats, although I did not get any, they were for Church. Then we had supper, and then it was Sleepytime! My blanket was on the floor by the bed, so I slept there – until gramma got up in the middle of the night, and then I took her place! Ha ha ha.

Sunday morning I got up when granpa did (he gets up a lot earlier than my human), and then I got to guard Camp Freedom while they went away for a little bit. Then, I helped granpa mow the lawn! I herded him to make sure he got it all, although I got a little too close to the tractor. Then we had chickens for supper, and then granpa set up the water shooter in the front yard! I chased it and ate the water, and made the bicycle people laugh as they rode by.

Then my human came back! I was so happy to see her! But the water shooter was still going, so I went back to chasing it. Then we went home! When my human put the bag of clothes back in the bedroom, I knew we were home for sure, and I was so happy that I zoomed around, jumping on and off the bed.

I had so much fun sleeping over at Camp Freedom, and I got to run free the whole time! Mama is glad that I was a Good Boy, and that I was able to stay overnight at Camp Freedom, although I think that means she may try to escape again. I will have to keep my eye on her! (Or the bag of clothes!)


All Confused

July 22, 2009

I am all confused. I have not had a Normal day in a very long time! Last Friday instead of going to work in the morning, mama stayed home and played with me. We went over to Camp Freedom, and I got to run run run and meet some new people – that was very fun! But then in the afternoon she went away, and came back at a strange time. Then the next day, it looked like she was going to stay home, but no, she left in the morning, and came back at a strange time in the afternoon. Then the next day, she went away in the middle part of the day! Then she came back, and then we went to Camp Freedom and there were still other people there – they got to stay at Camp Freedom the whole weekend! That must be fun, I hope I get to do that some day.

Then! On Monday mama went to work again and came back at the regular times, but yesterday she did not come home in the middle of the day. And then! After supper she and the neighbor lady talked, and they decided to go to the Store to get a thing for the neighbor lady’s computer. I got to ride along! I sat in the back seat and was a Good Boy, and guarded the car while they went into the Store. That was fun, but it was not Normal – also, water was falling from the sky, so I could not go for a Walk.

I hope today will be Normal.



July 15, 2009

I have met the near neighbor lady’s cat a few times, but today I met the far neighbor lady’s cat for the first time! He was out walking through the garden, playing “jungle cat”. Hey! I am not allowed in the garden, why do you get to go there? I told him. But then! The near neighbor lady let her cat out too, and then there were two cats in the yard! I am only one dog! I was outnumbered, so I did not try to chase them, I just lay down and watched them play in the garden.


The Water Thief

July 13, 2009

Not Same

July 9, 2009

My human goes away during the day (she calls it “work”), but she always comes home in the middle of the day so we can go for a short walk. I like that, because I can go potty, and I do not have to wait so long to see her again!

The last two days, though, instead of my human, the neighbor lady came to let me out. I like the neighbor lady, she pets me and lets me talk to her cat, although sometimes I get in trouble for going into her garden. She came in the middle of the day and we went in the yard and played with the hose and that was fun, and I am glad the neighbor lady came to play with me, but – not same. When my human finally came home, I asked her, I asked “Where have you been all day?”

Today, my human came home in the middle of the day like normal, and that was very good.


Freedom Day!

July 4, 2009

The humans have a holiday that is all about Freedom – yay! I got to celebrate all weekend, that was very fun! First, gramma and granpa came over to my house to play with me! We had pizza, and I hyp-mo-tized gramma into giving me the crust. Then gramma made pretty noises on the piaNO, and then we sat outside and watched colored fire explode in the sky! I know some other dogs are scared of exploding fire, because it makes a loud noise, but I am not scared!

Then the next day, I went to gramma and granpa’s house to play, and we ate chicken in a tube! It looked like a brat, but tasted like chicken! I do not know how they got all that chicken into the tube, but it was very good!

I also found out that granpa expanded the Freedom Trail – thank you, granpa! Now it goes way far back, all the way into the tall tall grass! The grass is almost as tall as my human, and you can’t see any people or houses or anything. My human and I went walking back there, it was so much fun!