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Play With Me

June 16, 2009



Campfire Tails

June 13, 2009

Today was a very fun day! I got to go to Camp Freedom, and see gramma and granpa, and I got to run run run! When we got there, my human went over to the far side of Camp Freedom to pick some red sticks. So of course I went with her! I was helping her pick the red sticks, but then! There was a turkey on the other side of the red stick plants! And not just one turkey, but a big turkey and a whole bunch of tiny turkeys! I chased them all, and they all flew away from me, except for one tiny turkey who flew the other way and got separated from his group. My human felt bad for the tiny turkey, and said she hopes he finds his mama again.

Also, after chasing the turkeys I was technically no longer in Camp Freedom, but in the yard of the man who lives next to Camp Freedom. So my human called me back, and brought me all the way back to the Lodge so I would not chase the turkeys anymore, and then she went all the way back to the red stick plants. Gramma and granpa tried to keep me in the Lodge, but I escaped! Ha ha ha! And I ran all the way back to the red stick plants where my human was! Then granpa called me back, so I ran back to him, but then I had to run back to see what my human was doing! Whew, that was an awful lot of running – Camp Freedom is very big!

After all that running, we had suppers, and I had some hammaburger and some steak that gramma did not want to finish. And then! We had a campfire! Granpa burned up many sticks, but there was one big stick that would not fit in the metal fire ring, so I had Arts & Crafts at Camp Freedom – I chewed all the extra pieces off the big stick, and now gramma says she can use it as a walking stick. That is good, gramma, it is very fun to walk with a stick, but I think it would be much more fun to carry it in your mouth than in your hand.

I was so busy with Arts & Crafts that I did not even see the kitty cat who came sneaking through Camp Freedom – if I had seen him, he would have been chased for sure! No cats allowed in Camp Freedom!

I listened to all the nightime sounds, and then I went around and made sure that everybody got to pet me, and even though I got very very close to the fire, I did not burn my tail or anything. Then after a while, I was so tired that I lay down and watched the campfire. Did you know that it is very hard to watch a campfire through closed eyes?


Ugly Bug

June 11, 2009

This morning when I went outside, I found a surprise in the yard! It was lying on the ground, and so I sniffed it. Then I stepped on it, quick, to see if it would move, and it did! It flew up into the air a little bit, so I grabbed it with my teeth and threw it back onto the ground and stepped on it again. Then my human came over to see what I was doing, and she said “icky” and “leave it”. Here is what it looked like (before I chewed on it):



My Little Friend

June 6, 2009