At The Human Kennel

May 23, 2009

Sometimes when my human goes away, I stay in a kennel, which is a big place with cages where all kinds of dogs stay until their humans come to get them. I do not mind the kennel, but I am always happy to see my human again!

I did not know that humans have kennels, too! They are big places with lots of rooms where humans stay until they decide to go back home. My human took me to one to see what I would do – when we got to our room I checked everything out, there was a bed and a window and a talking box and a water room and that was it. I kept going around and around – are we staying here? Why is my bowl in the water room? Where is my guard post? When are we going home?

Then my human thought that I would like to see out the window, so she put a chair under the window and then I could see out and I was much happier. Then we went out to get food, and I got to have a hammaburger, that was very good! My human sat on the bed to watch the talking box for a while, and I settled in my own private fort. Then after we went for one last walk, my human laid down on the bed and closed her eyes, so I decided we were not going to go home for a while, so I went to sleep, too. When I woke up my human was still there with me, so it was OK.

The human kennel was an interesting adventure, but I think I like my home best.


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