Happy Birthday to Me!

May 5, 2009

Today is my birthday – I am three years old! That means, if I were a human, I could legally have a beer. Except I have already tasted beer, a nice man named Bobbarr gave me some once.

I did not have beer today, but I did have a big birthday adventure! Granpa came and got me, and we spent the afternoon playing in the yard! I followed him around and stupervised while he put out food for the birds and squirrels. That is a very good idea, granpa, you lure them in and I will chase them! Then we went inside to work on a Project. I did not understand the Project, because it involved pieces of wood and many little metal things. So I looked around, and I saw a shiny new tennis ball up on a high table! Who would want a shiny new tennis ball, besides me? So I stood up to get the tennis ball – there were two of them, I got them both! They were indeed for me, and they had fresh squeakers in them – yay!

Then my human came, and gramma came home, and we had a party! I played in the yard some more, and performed a squeaky ball concert, and then granpa cooked chickens on the big black smoky thing. I also got more birthday presents – a whole jar of the chicken jerky treats that I like so much, and a big rawhide bone! The rawhide bone is as big as my whole leg, I’m not quite sure what to do with it! So far I have decided to just carry it around with me, like I am leading a parade with a baton.

And then! I saw a turkey in the marsh! Gramma said she would get me a turkey for my birthday, and she did! But she said I had to go find it. So I ran down into the marsh, and chased that turkey, but he was too fast for me. You just wait, birthday turkey, I will get you some day! Then we ate supper, and I got to eat chicken, and there was chicken left over, and gramma and granpa said I could take it for another day. And then, there was a special treat – cupamacakes! I got to have some, that was very tasty! I wonder why I don’t get birthday cupamacake every day?

What a fun birthday! I got to run run run, and play with a squeaky ball, and chase turkeys, and have chicken to eat, and birthday cupamacake! All my favorite things!

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