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At The Human Kennel

May 23, 2009

Sometimes when my human goes away, I stay in a kennel, which is a big place with cages where all kinds of dogs stay until their humans come to get them. I do not mind the kennel, but I am always happy to see my human again!

I did not know that humans have kennels, too! They are big places with lots of rooms where humans stay until they decide to go back home. My human took me to one to see what I would do – when we got to our room I checked everything out, there was a bed and a window and a talking box and a water room and that was it. I kept going around and around – are we staying here? Why is my bowl in the water room? Where is my guard post? When are we going home?

Then my human thought that I would like to see out the window, so she put a chair under the window and then I could see out and I was much happier. Then we went out to get food, and I got to have a hammaburger, that was very good! My human sat on the bed to watch the talking box for a while, and I settled in my own private fort. Then after we went for one last walk, my human laid down on the bed and closed her eyes, so I decided we were not going to go home for a while, so I went to sleep, too. When I woke up my human was still there with me, so it was OK.

The human kennel was an interesting adventure, but I think I like my home best.


Freedom Trail!

May 17, 2009

Camp Freedom has a new thing – the Freedom Trail! Behind gramma and granpa’s house is a place where there are bushes and trees and rocks and grasses and many interesting smells, it is called a marsh. I used to have to sneak in between the bushes to go back there, but now! Granpa made a trail for me! That is so much fun, because it means that my human can go with me too! We go down the Freedom Trail, past the bushes and trees, and then there is a big open space where tall tall grass grows! I love to run and jump through the grass, and there are so many fun things to see and smell!

Thank you granpa – I love the Freedom Trail, it is the best!


The Hanging Bed

May 16, 2009

My human got a new toy! It used to belong to gramma, but she does not use it anymore, so she said my human could have it. It is a big metal frame, and then my human attached a piece of cloth to it, and then it became a hanging bed! She laid down in it, and I try to lay down too, but it was not easy. So then I tried to make her get up by bumping her butt from underneath with my nose. But she did not get up! It must be very comfy in there. I got her to play with me by dropping my tennis ball in her lap, and she threw it for me, but still she did not get up! Then finally I figured out that I can lay in the cool shade underneath the hanging bed. Very relaxing!


Waiting For Supper

May 14, 2009



I See You

May 10, 2009



Happy Birthday to Me!

May 5, 2009

Today is my birthday – I am three years old! That means, if I were a human, I could legally have a beer. Except I have already tasted beer, a nice man named Bobbarr gave me some once.

I did not have beer today, but I did have a big birthday adventure! Granpa came and got me, and we spent the afternoon playing in the yard! I followed him around and stupervised while he put out food for the birds and squirrels. That is a very good idea, granpa, you lure them in and I will chase them! Then we went inside to work on a Project. I did not understand the Project, because it involved pieces of wood and many little metal things. So I looked around, and I saw a shiny new tennis ball up on a high table! Who would want a shiny new tennis ball, besides me? So I stood up to get the tennis ball – there were two of them, I got them both! They were indeed for me, and they had fresh squeakers in them – yay!

Then my human came, and gramma came home, and we had a party! I played in the yard some more, and performed a squeaky ball concert, and then granpa cooked chickens on the big black smoky thing. I also got more birthday presents – a whole jar of the chicken jerky treats that I like so much, and a big rawhide bone! The rawhide bone is as big as my whole leg, I’m not quite sure what to do with it! So far I have decided to just carry it around with me, like I am leading a parade with a baton.

And then! I saw a turkey in the marsh! Gramma said she would get me a turkey for my birthday, and she did! But she said I had to go find it. So I ran down into the marsh, and chased that turkey, but he was too fast for me. You just wait, birthday turkey, I will get you some day! Then we ate supper, and I got to eat chicken, and there was chicken left over, and gramma and granpa said I could take it for another day. And then, there was a special treat – cupamacakes! I got to have some, that was very tasty! I wonder why I don’t get birthday cupamacake every day?

What a fun birthday! I got to run run run, and play with a squeaky ball, and chase turkeys, and have chicken to eat, and birthday cupamacake! All my favorite things!