An Evening At Camp Freedom

April 29, 2009

Today was a very fun day! After my human came home to walk with me at lunchtime, she went back to work, and I settled in for a nap. But then! A big boxy car came to the house! I barked, but then grandpa got out! Yay – an adventure! I walked around inside the big boxy car, because I had never been inside something like that! Then we got to grandpa’s house, and I did a perimeter check, which is a good thing, because there was a gobbler chicken in the marsh! I chased the gobbler chicken, and he thought he could get away by going into the bushes, but no such luck – I chased him right into the bushes! Grandpa and I started to go down the new path into the marsh, but it is still very muddy. I do not mind the mud, but grandpa said we should wait until it is dry. So I helped grandpa while he did stuff in the yard – that was very fun! Grandpa is always on the move, and of course I have to follow him! And then! Grandma came home, and I helped make supper – we had hammaburgers, and I had some kibble too. Then I played with grandma and grandpa some more, and then I played with the boy next door, and then I did another perimeter check, and then my human came to get me! I was so happy, I jumped right up in the air!

I like playing at grandma and grandpa’s house, there is always something fun to do. The best part is that I get to run around and be free! I like that. But after such a big adventure, I am very tired!



  1. jake i know you have a birfday coming up on cinco de maya. i would like some hints on what to get yu. maybe we can have a party at my place too. let me know buddy.

  2. I know – happy birfday to me! I will be THREE – not a puppy anymore! I already have everything my little doggie heart desires, but there is a fancy treat that I do not get very often – it is chicken jerky, made by people called Cadet, mama says they sell it at Farmafleet. I could use a new squeaky tennis ball, too, I de-squeaked mine. But my favorite thing is to play at your house! Mama says she does not have to practice her singing next week, so maybe if there is a day that is nice, we can grill out?

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