Little Humans

April 23, 2009

Now that the grass is green again and the big yellow ball is in the sky, the little humans have come back to play in the park. And then when they see me in the yard with my human, they come over to play with me! That is very fun, because they throw tennis balls for me to chase, and they pet me! The other day they had plastic bottles with little plastic wands, and then they dipped the wands into the bottles and blew on them, and then big round shiny things came floating out! So I chased the round shiny things, and finally I caught one! But it tasted funny, like the stuff my human uses to wash the dishes. Ptooey! So I did not chase them anymore, I just watched them float by.

I like doing tricks for the little humans, too – when they say “sit”, I sit, and when they say “down”, I lay down. Of course it helps that they give me treats when I do tricks. They even hold a treat up and say “Jump!” When my human does that, I have to jump high in the air to get the treat. But the little humans are not much taller than I am, so I do not have to jump at all – I just have to stand up a little bit! Ha ha, easy treat for me.

Sometimes the little humans run around all over the place, and then I try to organize them all into a clump. I don’t knock them down or nip at them, I just get in their way and steer them to the middle of the yard. My human says I am not supposed to do this, but I notice she also smiles when I do it, so I think she thinks it’s cute.

I like the little humans – they are very fun to play with!

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