JZM3000 Dogotiller®

April 17, 2009

Today the big yellow ball was shining up in the sky, and my human and I played in the dirt! There is a big square of dirt where she puts little green things, and then in the summer they turn into big green things, with veg-a-mables on them! I do not like veg-a-mables, but I do like playing in the dirt! My human says it is not time to put the little green things into the dirt yet, but we can bust up the dirt, because it is all hard and flat from having the snow lie on top of it all winter. So she started poking at the dirt with a huge metal fork, but she was going too slow, so I decided to help! I helped good, I dug and dug and dug until that dirt was all busted up! Normally my human does not let me dig in the square of dirt, but this time she did. That was so much fun!

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