Happy Easter!

April 12, 2009

I had a very happy easter today! This morning when I went outside, I saw the easter bunny! He was sitting under the pine tree in the yard. I did not chase him, because I think he must have been tired after delivering all those easter baskets to everyone!

Then this afternoon I went to play at grandma and grandpa’s house, that was very fun! And there was a easter basket for me, he must have given it to grandma by mistake. It had my favorite kind of treats, and some celebrity dog food, and a fun new toy! It was a ball that made very interesting noises, and I took it right out into the yard and played fetch with it! Then I dropped it in my water bowl, and it made gurgling noises.

Then! Just when I thought the day couldn’t get any more fun, there was a honker chicken in the pond! I pretended like I was only going to the edge of the yard by the rocks, but then when they were not looking I ran down into the pond and chased him! I barked at the honker chicken, and he honked back at me.

And then! Grandpa put stuff in the big black smoky metal thing, and it came out as chicken, and another meat that smelled very good! They said it was lamb, I think dogs like me are supposed to organize lambs, not eat them, but I ate some anyway. It was very tasty!

After dinner I chased the honker chicken a few more times, and even went swimming in the pond after him! But he just honked and swam away from me. Hmmph. I guess no easter goose today.

Now I am tired, and I smell like pond – I think my human is plotting to give me a B-A-T-H, just let her try and get me!


  1. jake i had a stick fire last night. thanks for making some piles for me. sunny and warm later in the week, we should play some more. granpa

  2. Ooh, a stick fire! I would like to play with you sometime this week, grandpa, it is supposed to be nice after today!

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